PEEK spiral bevel gears
  • PEEK spiral bevel gearsPEEK spiral bevel gears

PEEK spiral bevel gears

We supply various Plastic gears/pinions/bevel gears/spiral gears/helical gears/worm gears and gear racks from different materials of PEEK, PPS, PTFE,PEI,POM,MC Nylon...etc.

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Product Description

PEEK spiral bevel gears     

PEEK bevel gears factory, more than 10 years manufacturing experience, obtained ISO9001, 5 axis machining and dust-free injection workship, OEM and ODM services. 

1.Description of PEEK spiral bevel gears

We supply high precision CNC machined PEEK products, it's OEM and ODM products, such as  rings, washers, bushings,sleeves,gears,rings,flanges,bolt,screw,nut and many other plastic products.


2.Characteristics of PEEK spiral bevel gears

   * Strong and stiff plastic

   * Outstanding chemical resistance

   * Good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures

   * Resistant to hot water and steam

   * Bearing grade PEEK has excellent wear characteristics

   * UL 94 V-0 flammability rating

   * Very low smoke and toxic gas emissions when exposed to flame

3.Typical applications of PEEK spiral bevel gears

    * Semiconductor machinery components

    * Aerospace parts

    * Seals

    * Pump and valve components

    * Bearings and bushings (bearing grade PEEK)

    * Electrical components

    * Medical instrument parts

    * Food processing machinery components.

Manufacture plant of PEEK spiral bevel gears